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Toy Storage: How To Best Hide Or Display Your Toy Collection

There’s no better or worse option here, it’s mostly a matter of personal preference. There are also no requirements when it comes to storing silicone toys. Here are some tips to inspire you.

  • If there’s anything that you absolutely should avoid, it’s leaving your toy in direct sunlight or next to an open flame. We don’t know why you would, but … just sayin’.
  • You already know from reading facts about silicone that it’s a material that very easily collects lint and dust. It’s a good idea then to store each individual toy in a ziploc bag
  • Every once in a while (ideally after cleaning your toy), leave it out to air dry before putting it away
  • If your collection is getting too big to be contained in your nightstand, consider using storage boxes (plastic, cardboard, textile, it really doesn’t matter as long as you like it)
  • There are also specialized toy storage options ranging from handmade to industrial that you can easily search online

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