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Basic toy maintenance: 3 Basic Steps To Clean Your Toy

Your new toy just arrived! That’s fabulous! We know you’re super curious and want to get your feisty little hands all over it. To make sure you have a great time with it – the first and every other time – here are three simple tips on how to care for your toy.

The unboxing

Ah, the great reveal! Before shipping your toy, we made sure it left our studio clean. We do recommend you give it another rub down, just to be safe.

Use warm water and mild soap to wash it. Rinse and let air dry if you can.

Build a good habit

Not cleaning your toys is like skipping leg day – don’t do it! It may seem unattractive or boring when you’re faced with it, but it goes a long way to ensure your toy stays in top condition and is ready for its next use.

Give it all you got

Every once in a while, go the extra mile and disinfect your toys in boiling water. 10 to 15 minutes should be just fine. Let the toy cool off and air dry. If you have a dishwasher, you can run your toy through a cleaning cycle on the top shelf. Don’t add detergent. Or dishes. Definitely no dishes in this combo.

And that’s basically it. If you really don’t have time, make sure you always have baby wipes or a designated sex toy cleaner on hand. Spray, rinse, repeat.

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