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I want a toy that’s [insert color here]. Can you make it?

  • All colors currently in stock are listed in grid format inside each individual product listing. We suggest you take a look around and pick a favorite.

Can I combine more colors?

  • Yes! You can combine up to three colors. Note: colors that are very similar (for example shades of green or shades of blue) may not look so striking together. For a more dramatic result, choose contrasting colors.

What are basic colors?

  • Basic colors are standard primary colors plus several other shades that are very opaque, matte, and ideal for solid coloring.

What are special colors?

  • Special colors are used in combinations (although you can also opt for just one) to create a unique look. They have a slightly pearly finish and look like they have a finely-grained texture. Some of them (Disco Ball) have a pronounced glittery finish.

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