Do you ever get the feeling there are more fun things to do out there than what you’re doing right now? Or that you should flex your curiosity and pleasure muscle because – again – it’s fun?

We had that feeling, too, and – we decided to follow it.

But first, we had to define what fun was.

We decided fun was making silicone toys tailored to our imagination and offering them to you.

But, who are we?

Human 1 was always an avid dreamer with a kinky side and an imagination that could conjure up anything. Human 2 was always fascinated with making and breaking stuff and solving problems on the go. Also kinky.

The above-mentioned humans are reasonable enough to always rely on guidance from their three cats.

Together, they formed FAB.toys, deciding right then and there to make this a serious business as soon as possible.

And now we’re here!

To be honest, we’re just starting out and we have no idea about the direction this story may evolve, but we know that silicone toys are fun and we enjoy making others happy. If the first can result in the second – it’s a win-win situation.

This will be a wild ride for you as much as it will be for us, so why not stick around?

We enjoy being inspired by indie toymakers and curious friends who are hinting at designs that we should totally make someday (and we will).

Along with new designs and products, we’re hoping to build a community of open-minded individuals, strike new collaborations and open many doors.

Because we are all made for fun.

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